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Smeet, your free online virtual world!

Smeets Online Virtual World: adult free online chat gamesSmeets Online Virtual World: adult free online chat games

Smeet is a virtual world which offers a completely unique experience for every user with its fully customizable avatars, houses and social interactions.

So tell me more about this online games world

With a few thousands unique items of clothing and other wearable items to choose from it’s easy to establish your own style.  Once you have created your fashion line you can compete with other users in this virtual world with Smeets own fashion contest and monthly Room competitions.

Fancy having your own Taj Mahal in your back yard, your very own zombie shelter or a romantic virtual 3d date beside the Leaning Tower of Pisa? With a huge selection of different rooms at your disposal this free online virtual game gives you the opportunity to convert your imaginary dream house into 3d life reality.  Then either throw the biggest party for all your new virtual life friends, fill it with the amazingly cute friendly Smeekiez creatures or sit back and relax and watch the drama and excitement of virtual life unfold.

What else can I do in this online world?

With your 3d life personalized and in order you can head downtown and see what’s happening on the street. You could head to the arcade and play a few of Smeet’s virtual world games. Maybe visit the club district and dance the night away to which ever music takes your fancy or possibly have a few ice cold beverages at the beach. Whilst chatting and meeting and making true friendships or flirt your life away.

Perhaps you’re more goal orientated with two leveling options it’s up to you which you choose to level first. You want to become a virtual world celebrity and increase your fame points to the maximum level. One of the ways in which to do this is by completing the mini games located around the virtual world or how about becoming a social juggernaut and develop into the local gossip via chatting to other Smeeters and helping them complete their rooms.

However, the best way to experience this virtual life is to sign up now and experience it yourself and see what this virtual world has to offer. It’s free, so come and have a virtual play around.

And welcome to your new virtual online home, Smeet!