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Protection of Minors

Parental Controls For Smeet

The safety of young people on Smeet is very important to us. For this reason, we have made it our mission to provide security that goes beyond what is legally required. We want to ensure that minors can communicate with others on in a fun and safe environment.

Please read our Code of Conduct and our tips for self-protection carefully before you start using Smeet. Below is some typical behaviour to be aware of, knowing this will help you to be safe while you’re online.  Remember that this inappropriate behaviour can be conducted either in text chat or on the telephone. You should be concerned if:

  • someone is insulting, threatening or blackmailing you
  • someone asks you if you can imagine having an adult friend or girlfriend
  • someone starts to talk about sex and using very graphical or dirty language to do so
  • someone asks you to undress yourself or do other strange things
  • asks you about your looks or your body
  • someone gives you unnusual compliments and offers you presents or money
  • someone says that he wants to film or photograph you
  • someone asks for your phone number (the phone function on Smeet is anonymous, therefore your details will not be disclosed to third parties)
  • someone wants to meet with you, visit you at your home or invites you to their home
  • someone who behaves strangely and claims to be an  Owner/Operator at Smeet (without having the badge on)

If any of these things happen, please take a screenshot and send and email to support (support [at] smeet [dot] com) in which you describe what happened. This will help us take quick and appropriate action! You can take a screenshot by clicking the PRINT button on your keyboard, and then open MS Powerpoint or Paint and click CTRL + V to copy, then save it.

General Tips for self-protection:

  1. Always be skeptical when strangers request meeting you in real life. If you want to meet them, at least take a trusted friend with you. A good meeting place would be a public, well-visited and busy place. Don’t meet the person at their house or somewhere private.
  2. Don’t believe everything you  are told by other users at
  3. If you are unsure about the age of another user, pay attention to his voice on the phone.
  4. Do not give your personal information, such as your e-mail address, MSN, ICQ, or other contact information in the public chat. This information can be easily misused! If you do want to give someone your contact message, do it with a private, internal message.
  5. Do not enter your address or telephone number at
  6. Please report users who behave inappropriately. These can be individual photos, messages, phone or chat. In case of misuse, the user will immediately be suspended from In addition, we keep data such as IP addresses and timestamps in order to initiate appropriate legal action against the user. Then please send a screenshot of the offense to support [at] smeet [dot] com so that we can take appropriate action against that user.
  7. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. For each crime you report, we are grateful and you are helping to keep safe and fun for everyone else.
  8. Listen to your gut feelings. If you are uncomfortable having conversations with certain people, break it off or block all conversations with that user immediately!

If you keep this advice in mind, Smeet will be a really fun place to socialise with your friends. Your parents can also check on the “For Parents & Teachers” blog post for more valuable information.  If you have any questions, they can contact  safety [at] smeet [dot] com  and we will respond as quickly as possible.