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Photo Albums

A traditional photo album

A photo album is used to collect and organize old photographs that help us keep the past alive. Usually, people keep photo albums of their private life with pictures of family and friends. However, artists and models keep albums or portfolios of their work to use when applying for jobs. At the end of the 19th century, most photographs were taken by professional photographers. Today, however, this has changed and most pictures are taken by amateurs.

A digital photo album

A digital photo album is usually managed and organized on a PC by an image database. The pictures can then be burned on a DVD or CD. With special image editing programs, the photos in a digital album can be organized into a slide show and even accompanied by background music.  

The photo album in Smeet

In the online world Smeet, you have the opportunity to upload pictures of yourself into a photo album. You can choose your own photos as you wish. You can show your friends whatever you like! To do this, go to your avatar and then go to the photo album in order to add pictures and create albums. You can then decide whether you want all Smeet users to see your pictures or just your friends. 

Photo Albums: Join Smeet and upload your photos to our photo albums now!Photo Albums: Join Smeet and upload your photos to our photo albums now!