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Online Event

What are online events?

An online event is a happening or gathering in a virtual world. An Online Event can be described as follows: An event is a themed gathering of several people. For most events, precise planning of the content and processes is very important in order to address the appropriate target audience, especially since the success of the event is largely dependent on the number of participants.

What advantages can online events offer?

Since anything can be programmed, online events in the virtual world are not limited by space or the choice of topics. For example, in the virtual world Smeet, a variety of different events have been held. One such event was an online viewing of the American presidential election done in cooperation with RTL, where users could follow the election and engage in chat discussion. Another event was the Euro Vision Song Contest in 2009, which users could follow through a live broadcast. The possibilities of online events are only limited by the creativity of the organizers.

How to particpate in online events

Access to an online event is easy because there are so many options for everyone to enjoy. Other than an Internet connection nothing else is needed. Most virtual worlds offer online events where you can easily participate in as a part of the community. In the 3D world sMeet, users can participate in a wide range of events free of charge.

Online Events: Log in and visit thousand of cool online events with your Smeet friends now!Online Events: Log in and visit thousand of cool online events with your Smeet friends now!