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What is a nickname?

In the Internet world, nicknames are used as a user ID for online games, LAN parties, or other online accounts, specifically relating to computer games or the Internet. Online users can specialize their user name to create their own identity and therefore do no use their actual name as their online nickname.   

Where can you get ideas for nicknames?

The best way to create your nickname is to use your imagination and creativity. However, when you can’t think of anything here are a few tips to to help you create your nickname: You could use a variation of your own name, something funny or ironic or even a short sentence.

Why is it so hard to find the perfect nickname?

The bigger and more famous the portal is the more difficult it will be to find the perfect nickname. Since each nickname can only be assigned once, it can be very difficult to select your nickname in the bigger portals with numerous users

Nickname: Register for Smeet and create the coolest nickname ever!Nickname: Register for Smeet and create the coolest nickname ever!