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What is a channel?

The word channel has a variety of different meanings. The term channel, especially in the United States, can refer to TV channels, such as the Discover Channel. However, the word channel can also have a very different meaning. In England, the English Channel is a major waterway. In computer lingo, the term channel refers to an Internet chat room. For our purposes, we use the term channel in this way.

How many channels are in a chat site?

This is can vary greatly. Usually, there are at least 4 channels available on any given chat site that integrate a variety of topics such as sports, hobbies, flirting or politics.

Joining a chat channel

When participating in a chat channel, it is important to respect all users equally. As a part of this, users should not spam the chat windows, bother or insult other users or offer personal information. 

Channel: Join Smeet's chat channel now!Channel: Join Smeet's chat channel now!