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3D Space

What is a 3D room?

A 3D space is a three-dimensional representation of an object in a virtual world. The points of the object are assigned three dimensional coordinates in a trigonometric representation, which makes the object look realistic.  This is extremely important as human perception is influenced by the preception of spatial objects.

What can a 3D room do?

3D graphics help create realistic virtual objects which affect human spatial perception. These graphics are indispensable in virtual worlds as they are needed to create these virtual realities. While 2D objects or 2D game functions permit only horizontal and vertical movement, 3D objects, such as 3D chats or 3D games have additional features that makes depth and spatial movement possible, thus creating the perception of reality. This makes chatting in 3D that much more exciting.

What are 3D spaces used for?

The 3D space is used today in a variety of ways. With Web 2.0 and other new interactive web elements, 3D is here to stay. 3D worlds are used to create life-like scenarios for their users to engage in.

3D Space: Join Smeet and create your own 3D space today!3D Space: Join Smeet and create your own 3D space today!