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3D Glasses

What are 3D glasses?

3D glasses are a special type of glasses needed to watch movies or videos in three dimensions. With a special lens, these glasses help the human eye view 3D visual formations. These glasses were originally produced in the 1950s. Today, however, there are a variety of forms of lens as 3D games and Bluray have become very popular.

Types of 3D glasses

The first 3D glasses used color filter lenses, with one blue lens and one red lens.  This is the simplest and oldest method used to view 3D images as it creates the illusion of three dimensions with simple colored lenses. However, the main disadvantage with this form of 3D glasses is the strain they cause on the eyes. Another type of 3D glasses is the ChromaDepth glasses, where microscopic prisms refract light in such a way that a 3D image is produced. In order to achieve this effect, the lens is covered on one side with a transparent film and on the other side with a prismatic film. With this, two pictures are created, which the human eye then sees as one 3D image. The advantage of these 3D glasses is that the images are displayed normally without glasses. This means that there are no annoying double images when the glasses are removed. The most current type of 3D glasses is the LCD shutter glasses. These glasses are connected to a synchronous display or screen. They can deliver different images for both the left and right eye. These glasses help the eyes adjust easily because the frequency of the monitor can be adjusted as the eyes begin tiring. This greatly helps relax the eyes.

3D Glasses: Join Smeet and live in 3D!3D Glasses: Join Smeet and live in 3D!