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Personal Ads

What is a personal ad?

Personal ads help people find suitable partners. In a personal ad, it is extremely important to describe yourself as accurately as possible. There are many different types of personal ads. You can find them on TV, in newspapers, magazines or on the Internet. On the Internet, posting personal ads is generally known as online dating. In order to find the right partner and for legal reasons, it is important to accurately represent yourself when creating your ad.

Why do men create more personal ads than women?

The main reason that more men create ads is because in our society, where men are to make the first moves when dating, it is much easier for them just to answer personal ads online. This requires little courage and since they can send out many messages, they have a greater chance of going on a date and not being rejected.

Are personal ads actually effective?

The answer depends on your perspective. Usually, women that date online are bombarded with emails. They then have many men to choose from and have a pretty good chance of getting a date with the man that she chooses. From a man’s perspective, however, things are a little different. Many times, men answer many personal ads but will only get few replies. This is because women get so many personal ads that they simply cannot answer all the emails they receive. Therefore, if men want to get their emails answered they should make sure they are really witty and interesting.