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Online Quiz

What is an online quiz?

In an online quiz, different players are asked questions about various topics. The player who is first to answer the question correctly wins the first round and then gets points for each correct answer. The goal of such online quizzes is to be the first to answer correctly and collect the most points. There are many different types of quizzes. For example, there are some quizzes, such as Jeopardy, where the answers are given and the players must come up with the appropriate question.


Smeet’s Online Quiz

In the 3D chat world Smeet, you can choose between all kinds of different quizzes. There is a general quiz, that tests your general knowledge but there are also other quizzes for more specific knowledge. There is a great math quiz that tests your knowledge of numbers. The problems will come quickly so find the right solution right away!


How does the Smeet online quiz work?

In Smeet’s virtual world, every online quiz has it’s own 3D room where the players or their avatars gather together to answer as quickly as possible. In each of these 3D chat rooms there is a big quiz screen where the questions are projected. Every user in the room has the opportunity to participate in the quizzes. The first Smeeter to answer the question correctly will win and get the points! The winners of each round are those players who answered the most answers correctly. If you win a quiz round, you will gain Fame Points, so start playing now! Test your knowledge and challenge your friends now!