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What is love?

Love is emotion of strong affection or personal attraction of people to other people, ideas or things. Love in the broader sense includes both loving oneself and altruistic or charitable acts. This can include the desire to help people and make sacrifices for them. Self-love includes loving yourself even with flaws. Love can help create a positive, heartfelt and deep sense of connectedness and affection towards others.

How do you express love?

Love can be expressed in a variety of ways. As a part of this, affection towards people can be shown through specific eye contact, posture and facial expressions. When mutual affection and love has been established, love can be expressed by human affection, such as touching or kissing. To actually verbalize love, the phrase “I love you” is used. In addition, compliments or pet names for that special someone is a great way to express affection as well.  

Finding love in an online world?

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