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What is a user?

A user can be defined as a person, program or software that uses a computer, network service or other programs. The term user has become increasingly widespread with the introduction and advancement of the Internet. Users can also be understood as someone who participates in a virtual world, chat community or other online community.

Smeet’s 3D world users

When users enter the Smeet online world, they can create, design and style their own personal avatar. Then, users can enter information in their personal profile and also have the option of uploading profile pictures. The users can then explore the Smeet virtual world.  Depending on the age of the user, certain Smeet 3D rooms are accessible while other may not be. Smeet users are also offered their own personal 3D room which they can design as they wish. The users can then complete different Smeet tasks to gain access to all Smeet has to offer.