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Online Chat

The history of online chats  

Online chat began in the 1980s when a few technologically savvy friends first connected and chatted via modem.  At this time, chat rooms, where users could meet and communicate, where available but very expensive. However, in the 1990s with the start of the World Wide Web and the advancement of the Internet, online chat began expanding rapidly. Since the cost of using the Internet decreased rapidly, more and more users began using online chatting programs. Today, more than 100 million Internet users chat regularly.  

Who manages online chats?

Online chats are mainly operated and managed by private companies or other organizations. Some chats are free, while others are fee-based. The fee-based chats usually offer more functions, such as text messaging, a personal homepage or a personal online mail center. The advantage of a fee-based chat is the fact that the annoying advertisements are usually blocked.

Online chats in Smeet

The Smeet 3D virtual world offers an exciting 3D chat. You can create your own avatar and chat with your friends today. Smeet’s online chat offers a variety of possibilities! You can participate in a public chat with everyone in the 3D space or you can ask that special someone to a private chat. Just check your Smeet friend list and start chatting today!