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Internet Radio

What is Internet radio?

Internet radio, which began in the late 1990s, is a web based radio program which can be streamed by Internet users. Some radio stations even offer a live online stream of their radio broadcasts.

Types of Internet radio

There are two main types of Internet radio. The first type, as mentioned above, are normal radio programs which are available online. This is called online radio. By offering online radio broadcasts, radio stations can easily reach more listeners. This is especially useful for local stations to increase their listener base. The second type of Internet radio is a radio program offered solely by an Internet radio station. These types of stations broadcast only on the web. There are a variety of sites that offer all different kinds of Internet radio stations. The listener base is rather small for such online stations though.

How can I listen to Internet radio?

The main thing you need to listen to Internet radio is a working Internet connection.  Just search for your favorite music and you will quickly find the perfect online radio program. If you have wireless Internet installed, it is also possible to listen to Internet radio with the help of a web radio receiver. With this, you can even listen to Internet radio programs without a computer.