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What is a download?

A download is an electronic transmission of data from one memory device or the Internet onto a user’s personal computer, hard drive etc. The goal of a downloading is to make the files available from one network or device to another.

Virtual worlds with downloads!  

For most virtual worlds, users are required to download a special platform or program software in order to use the program. The advantage here is that the platform is saved on the computer for convenience and adapted to the speed of the computer as well. The disadvantage, however, is the complexity of downloading and installing the software. In addition, it is then only possible to log on to the virtual world from that specific computer.

Virtual worlds without download!

Some virtual worlds, such as Smeet’s online 3D world, are browser based.  This means that there is no download or installation required. All you have to do is register and play directly in the browser. This means that you can access the virtual world from any computer as long as you remember your username or email and corresponding password.