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Internet Community

An Internet community is a virtual online community of people.


A link or hyperlink is the reference to a specific website or specific content on a website.


A download is an electronic transmission of data from one memory device or the Internet onto a user’s personal computer, hard drive etc.

User Generated Content

User generated content or UGC can be described as online content that has been created by a user

World Wide Web

The World Wide Web (web or “www”) is a network of data that can be accessed via the Internet.

Internet Radio

Internet radio, which began in the late 1990s, is a web based radio program which can be streamed by Internet users.


A video is a sequence of individual images usually accompanied by an audio track.


A user can be defined as a person, program or software that uses a computer, network service or other programs.

Online Chat

Online chat began in the 1980s when a few technologically savvy friends first connected and chatted via modem.

Internet Users

There a billion Internet users around the world.

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