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Game Pieces

Game pieces or tokens are small objects that you place on the board game..

Browser Games

Browser games are online games which can be played in a Web browser without having to download any content.

Skill Games

Skill games help train fine motor skills, balance, sense of rhythm and quick reactions.

Platform Games

Platform games is an umbrella term which includes shooter games, fighting games, and ladder games.

Card Games

Games that are mainly played with cards are of course, card games.

Role Playing Games

In a role-playing game or RPG, a player takes on a fictional character in an imaginary world.

Gambling Games

In games of chance or gambling, the player does not need to worry about his or her next move.

Board Games

Board games simulate a story through figures, stones or other objects played on a board.

2D Games

In two dimensions, only the length and width of any given area is represent.

3D Games

3D games are games played online or offline which simulate reality in 3 dimensions

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