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Tactic Games

What are tactic games?

In a tactic game, the player begins the game with a particular tactic, which he or she can change accordingly in order to win. This is different than a pure strategy game, where the player maintains his or her chosen strategy throughout the game. Tactic games require short term planning as the game and the opponent’s moves can become unpredictable. Tactic games are particularly popular as online games.

What is a simulation game?

A simulation game can be described as a tactic game similar to a role playing, where the player assumes a certain position with specific interests, needs and desires. Simulations are used often as a form of teaching to offer students a better political and social understanding of society, world events and history. However, these methods are only effective if the player has the necessary aptitude to assume the desires, demands and interests of his assigned role.

Why are tactic games used for educational purposes?

In our current education system, tactic or simulation games are often used to help students understand the social, political or historical contexts of our world. Through role playing, students learn about the various interests of different social groups and the various outcomes of different social and historical situations. With such tactic games, students can easily grasp how society functioned. The students can compare the real historical circumstances with the outcome of the game and thereby can see how the course of history may have run differently or what would have happened if conflicts had been resolved differently.