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Skill Games

What are skill games?

Skill games help train fine motor skills, balance, sense of rhythm and quick reactions. Many of these types of games are played by young children in order to help them train their skills. Skill games have evolved differently around the world, although with the same basic idea. For example, the game Hopscotch is known throughout the world under a variety of different names. The name may change, but the skills stay the same.

What other games are considered skill games?

Some other skill games include classic birthday party games, such as egg toss, sack race, catch or musical chairs. There are some skill games, however, that are not suitable for children as they are too complicated and difficult. These games include darts, billiards, pool, bowling and bocce ball. There are also skill games which can be played online as a browser game in either 2D or 3D. But it questionable if these games can really be considered skill games.  

A little bit about Hopscotch…

With hopscotch, diagram of squares is painted on the ground which actually looks similar in all countries around the world. The oldest version of this game was found on the floor of old ancient Roman ruins. It was most likely scratched into the ground with a rock. It is unclear as to how popular this game was at the time but it has definitely travled through the generations around the world. The game is played as follows: A rock is thrown within the diagram into one of the squares. The player then hops through the diagram and then collects the stone on the way back.