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Platform Games

What are platform games?

Platform games is an umbrella term which includes shooter games, fighting games, avatar games, and ladder games. The games differ essentially only by the actions that you perform in the game. In the main type of platform game, the avatar jumps and runs over suspended platforms or obstacles and usually tries to collect as many points possible. In the shooting games, you must run, hide and shoot your opponent. For fighting games, you gain points by kicking or punching your opponent. In most games, you cannot touch the other characters; otherwise, you will lose a life (you usually have 3-5 lives available). The majority of the older platform games were created in 2D and are now also available in online versions. Today’s platform games, however, are mostly created in 3D, where the avatar can move anywhere – up, down, backwards and forwards. The goal of a platform game is to reach the highest levels in the shortest amount of time with the most points.  

How do you play platform games?

Platform games are usually played with computer keyboard or joystick. Many platform games were specifically designed for PlayStation or similar consoles and can therefore be played with many players. There is often a great selection of avatars that help the players differentiate themselves from their friends, especially if you play on the same monitor.