Game Pieces

What are game pieces?

Game pieces or tokens are small objects that are placed on the board game and used during the game. Most pieces have a fixed value and usage. Checker pieces or pawns are some examples of game tokens. Such pieces help you and your opponent visualize the game moves.

Why do you need game pieces?

Game pieces represent the game moves on the game board. Seeing previous and current game moves help the opposing player plan his or her next moves. In most games, such pieces are needed. In card games, however, the score of the game is usually tallied after each round. With some other types of games, all of the moves are written down on paper. This is, of course, different with Internet games where these things cannot be done.

What kinds of game pieces are there?

Game pieces come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The most common pieces are small, round flat stones. If the game has a maximum of two players, such as in Checkers or Chess, the game pieces are black and white.  Games for children are more colorful and take on shapes such as cars, animals, people, or other small figurines. In some games, the game pieces are made up of two parts, namely a cardboard picture which is connected to a plastic base.