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Gambling Games

What are games of chance?

In games of chance or gambling, the player does not need to worry about his or her next move. Each turn is a gamble. It is not the player’s skill, rather his or her luck that affects the game. Luck cannot be influenced by anything in the game, unless something is manipulated. However, there are also games of chance where skill is also required, such as Black Jack. In most games, the dealer always has the advantage and will consistently win. The more often the player gambles the more the dealer will make.

Is gambling addictive?

Yes, gambling can be addictive. Most people who become addicted to gambling started playing for fun and then quickly won a large sum of money. Gambling becomes a thrill. However, over time, to maintain the thrill, the gambler must bet more and more money. To offset large amounts of debt, the gambler continues to play with the thought that he or she will evetnually win again.