Board Games

What are board games?

Board games simulate a story as the figures, stones and objects are placed around the board. The board is usually divided into small fields where the various characters can move. Normally, each figure has its own meaning and can make its own moves or the moves are determined by cards or some other part of the game. Therefore, there are also game pieces, such as cards or dice that one needs to play. Some examples are the games “Settlers of Catan” or “Backgammon” where you absolutely need the game pieces to play.

The history of board games

Board games have been around since the time of the Egyptians but it has been since about 1900 that board games have become a part of daily life. With the Industrial Revolution came also a new middle class who had time to partake in such leisure activities such as playing board games. Because of this, there was a major boom in the game industry. Both games passed on from generation to generation in addition to new modern games became very popular. In 1929 with the advent of the Great Depression the game “Monopoly” became very popular and offered an escape to those who were burdened with unemployment. In this day and age, especially with the prominence of personal computers, many board games have become digitalized.

Hybrid games

Hybrid games can be played on the computer and with a simple board. The game is played on the board while the computer supports the players with special statistics and calculations. It is also possible to play one-on-one with the computer as well. With hybrid games, you can either play with all your friends or by yourself. The options are open!