Friends in Smeet

How can I meet new friends in Smeet?

Finding friends in Smeet is so easy! Register for Smeet, create your own avatar and enter your 3D virtual world. Pick one of Smeet’s 3D rooms and start meeting new friends now. Access to the different 3D spaces in Smeet is dependent on your age group so it’s easy to meet people who are your age. When you create your avatar, show off your personal style too! This will help you meet people as well. Just be yourself. You can even flirt with other users in Smeet and throw them a wink or a rose! A little flirting never hurts.

Where can I meet my friends in Smeet?

You can meet friends in Smeet wherever you want! If you’re under 18, you can meet your friends on the Smeet beach or the cool teen hangout. Smeet gives you enough options to find what 3D room fits you best. There are also lots of 3D events to attend in Smeet’s virtual world where you can meet friends too! Don’t forget the 3D chat either!

How do I add friends in Smeet?

If you’re new to Smeet’s virtual world and large community, all you have to do is double click on an avatar you want to add as a friend and click “Friendship.” You then have to reconfirm you friendship offer. The other user will then get your friendship request right away.