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Circle of Friends

Your Circle of Friends

A circle of friends is a group of friends who may have met in a variety of different ways. Your circle of friends can be people you are friends with for life or just for a particular time or place. Sometimes you can lose your group of friends if you move or over certain disagreements. This can be really hard. However, friendship is something very important and one should always try to cherish they ones they have.

Your Circle of Friends in Chat

It can be really easy to meet friends online in a chat. You can even develop a circle of friends from your chat friends. Chats are an easy way to meet friends with similar interests and hobbies. It’s easy to get to know each other via chat too. Chat friendships, however, can be very hard because you aren’t able to do the same things you would with your day to day friends. You are in essence bound to the chat room. Either way chat rooms can be a great place to meet friends.

Your Circle of Friends in Smeet

In Smeet’s 3D world, you can easily make new avatar friends. You can start forming your own circle of friends or be integrated with the other Smeeters easily. A virtual world really helps bridge the gap between chat friends and friends in real life because there is place for your new friends to actually meet and hang out. You can participate in live 3D events together, watch streaming videos or listen to music.  Come log in and see what it’s all about!