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Hobby Friends

Your friends from your different hobbies or extracurricular activities

Meeting People

You can meet people in a variety of different ways.


Friendship can be described in a variety of ways but it is definitely a very special relationship among all kinds of people.

True Friends

Do you need close friends? Do you feel like this is missing in your life?

Circle of Friends

A circle of friends is a group of friends who may have met in a variety of different ways.

School Friends

School friends are friends who have met during elementary school, middle school or high school

Online Friends

Today, there are more and more online social networks that have changed the way we keep in touch with friends.

Pen Pals

Pen pals are people or friends who regularly write to each other, usually via snail mail.

Friends in Smeet

Finding Smeet friends is so easy!

Chat with Friends

With the spread of the Internet, keeping in touch and chatting with friends has become very easy.

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