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What is entertainment?

The term entertainment can comprise all sorts of activities that are considered enjoyable. The forms of entertainment can vary greatly and can include different kinds of media such as television, newspapers, radio, and of course, the Internet.

Online entertainment

The Internet today can provide a many different and extensive forms of entertainment. You can read the paper, listen to the radio and watch TV online now. There are even special TV channels (IP-TV) that are only available online. The same goes for many newspapers and magazines that only provide e-versions and radio programs with live streaming capabilities. With the expansion of the Internet, many new forms of entertainment began becoming popular, namely different entertainment portals. YouTube is one of these very famous modern portals where you can watch all different kinds of streaming videos. With Web 2.0, you can even upload your own videos. Other entertainment portals include online games, virtual worlds and other such online platforms.

Entertainment in virtual worlds

Over the last few years, many virtual worlds have been developed, including the 3D world Smeet.  Smeet’s online world and entertainment platform offers its users first class entertainment and a place to connect with other people via chat. Users can share their videos from Youtube, Clipfish, Vimeo or from other sites and watch them together. Users can also participate in a variety of online events such as user meet and greets. Other types of entertainment include dual player games and other quizzes. It is even possible to listen to web stream radio in certain Smeet rooms.