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Social Networks with Friends

What are social networks?

Social networks are communities or groups based on different interests, hobbies etc. The concept of a social network has also been used in business, sociology and the sciences. In the business sense, a social network can be described as an informal grouping of targeted stakeholders who band together to gain some advantage over others. In sociology, however, a social network is a connection of friends. Here, the social interaction within the group is the most important factor. In the sciences, specifically computer science, a social network is comprised of different web services, interest groups and online communities.

Differences between real and virtual social networks

The biggest differences real and virtual social networks are what they are used for, where they take place and how they take place. On one hand, there are the social networks as described in business or sociology that are actually connections and groups of people in real life. On the other hand, there are the social networks described by computer science, which are virtual in nature. Creating a real social network is a complicated process which includes many different factors. Creating a virtual social network, however, is quite simple due to the usage, availability and reach of the Internet.

The social network Smeet!

An example of a virtual social network is the 3D world Smeet. In Smeet’s online world, different users meet to pursue their common interests. One of the major advantages of Smeet is that it’s so easy to use! After creating your personal avatar, you can quickly and easily interact with other users. Since Smeet’s virtual world offers cool 3D chats and other fun functions, it’s easy to build your own social network! Find new Smeet friends now and start building your community today!

Social Network with Friends: Smeet is your social network to meet new friends and hot flirts!Social Network with Friends: Smeet is your social network to meet new friends and hot flirts!