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Social Community

What is a social community?

A social community is a great place to make new friends and stay in contact with them easily. You can even join themed social communities to connect with other people who share your similar interests and hobbies. When you register for a social community, you usually have to create your own personal user profile, where you can upload photos and videos and include personal information, interests, hobbies and other contacts.

Web 2.0 und Social Communities

With Web 2.0 and different applications on the Internet, social communities have become more and more popular. With the advancement of the Internet, social communities could greatly diversify and therefore interest more users. The introduction of Web 2.0 made this diversification much simpler as programming became much easier than with Web 1.0.

The social community Smeet

The social community Smeet is a 3D virtual world with a variety of possibilities You can create your own virtual avatar and explore your life in 3D. You can 3D chat with new friends, play games and flirt with that special someone. You can even stream your favorite YouTube videos for your friends and attend live 3D events.

Social Community: Smeet is your social community online! Join now!Social Community: Smeet is your social community online! Join now!