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Community Meet-Up

What is a community meet-up?

At a community meet-up, users from a virtual world or community, who normally communicate only online, meet in real life. These events are great since different users have the opportunity to meet the people behind the virtual characters or avatars. These events are usually organized by the most active online users or community operators. Entry to such events is also free.

The advantages of a community meet-up

These community meet-ups are a great way for users who have a large social network to directly connect with their virtual friends. It’s a great place for people to start their virtual friendships in real life. In addition, meeting in a public place at a neutral event is a way for virtual friends to start flirting and maybe even become romantically involved. Another really important part of such gatherings is the fact that small promotional gifts are usually given, which helps increase customer or user loyalty. These gifts may be t-shirts with the company logo or other small tokens. Users then remain loyal to the product and then tell their friends and family about it, which helps spread the virality of the product.

The Smeet OP community meet-up

At the Smeet community meet-up, the Smeet operators from around the world are invited to Berlin, Germany for a fun event. When the OPs arrived in Berlin for the last event, they were first given a tour of the Smeet offices. They then went straight to check in to their hotels. The first highlight of their trip was a visit to the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in the heart of Berlin. They then had a big barbeque where they could discuss and exchange new ideas and other current issues about Smeet.

Community Meet-Up: Join Smeet's online community and live in 3D today!Community Meet-Up: Join Smeet's online community and live in 3D today!