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Community Management Team

The Community Management Team

The Community Management team typically consists of the fully employed manager who is responsible for the administration of the Community and a group of volunteers who are strongly affiliated with the community. Typically, the volunteers are given a certain area of responsibility and are given tasks based on their ability. This allows any users to identify the contact person in Community Management team to help resolve any issues.

The Community Management Team at Smeet

In the Smeet’s virtual 3D space/entertainment platform has several team members with the following functions:

Operators make sure that Smeet users are complying with the Smeet Community rules.  As a result, they have special privileges, including the right to ban users with repeated violations temporarily or permanently from accessing the 3D virtual world. There are separate operators that are exclusively surveying the teen space as well.

“Admins“ are Smeet employees who are here to answer any user inquiries.  They refer technical problems to the appropriate team member and are in charge of organizing and managing events.  Just like operators, Admins also have the privilege to remove users with repeated violations from the Community.

Entertainers serve, as the name entails, as entertainers for the Community.  They organize or manage user-wide Community events. Often times they are visible on webcam.

Guides are the first contacts for new users as they are experienced in the Smeet Community.  Guides regularly organize introductory webcam presentations that explain new users the Smeet Functions. Guides also assist new users in finding friends.

Smeet DJs come spin live in the Smeet 3D world with a webcam.

Journalists help provide the users with news about Smeet and stories from the Community.  They have access to the official Smeet Blog where they can publish their articles and pictures.

The Different Team Areas in the Smeet Community Team

Chat Support:

In the Smeet’s virtual 3D world/entertainment platform, Admins, Operators (OPs) and Guides support and control the public chats. While their main task is surveillance of the public chats and the interactive video screen, they also answer user inquiries They are also in charge of adherence to chat protocol in order to prevent any violations.


Support’s main function is to keep the Community users happy which means that Support is responsible for answering any user inquiries or addressing complaints or chat violations.  The Support team will answer any of your questions within 2 days!


Different events are taking place daily on the Smeet entertainment platform.  Some examples include Flirt Events, Game Shows and Quizzes.  In addition, Smeet offers special virtual events, such as weddings, celebrity meet & greets, live concert broadcast etc. These events are organized and monitored by the Smeet team.

Community Management Team: Smeet is your online community! Come see!Community Management Team: Smeet is your online community! Come see!