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Community Management

What is community management? 

The term community management is still unknown to many people. The main function associated with community management is linking the operator of an online community with its users. Some tasks include organizing events that take place in the community or managing the interaction of the topics discussed in the community. Community management is a multilevel activity and entails a wide variety of tasks, including marketing and assisting the members of the community.

How long has community management been around? 

Community Management is a relatively new job and its importance has increased with the advent of the Internet.  It has become necessary that certain web pages have to be managed in order to conform to pertinent regulations and laws, but also to help moderate the community. This helps ensure community safety, but most importantly user participation.  

How can you become a part of a community management team?

If you are interested in becoming a member of the community management team, we recommend that you submit your application to the operator of your preferred community. Working on a community management team includes working for the company and may include keeping up with a company blog, other online forums or the company website.  If they are interested in your background, they will contact you for a position within the company.

Community Management: Join your 3D online community Smeet!Community Management: Join your 3D online community Smeet!