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Community Blog

What is a community blog?

A community blog is a diary or column which is regularly updated with different content such as commentaries, description of events, videos or other graphics. The word “blog” is a mixture of the term “web log.” In a blog, you can describe your experiences to friends and family. You might even gain some online fans!

What can you do with a community blog?

In a community blog, bloggers can share their thoughts, findings, hobbies, interests or whatever they like to their online community. Most community blogs discuss the general community theme or topics, changes that may be occurring in the community or even new features.  However, community blogs that discuss other topics than just internal community issues will most likely have a larger reader base as this type of community blog is most interesting.

How to write for a community blog

Most online communities allow certain users to write and update the community blog. The community operator usually decides who writes the blog as they are essentially responsible for the online content. If you want to write for your favorite community’s blog, it is best to contact the support and ask them how you can participate.

Community Blog: Join Smeet now! Your online 3D community is waiting!Community Blog: Join Smeet now! Your online 3D community is waiting!