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What is a community?

A community is a group of people that is larger than a family or other small group and is held together by common resources, desires, interests, needs or beliefs. In the past, communities were almost always determined and limited by geography, i.e., they consisted of people who lived near each other. With the advent of the internet, however, people from different parts of the world have been able to form communities by sharing a virtual space!

The advantages of communities

One of the biggest advantages of being part of any community is the support system created among the members. Humans have a fundamental need to belong. We desire social connection and a sense of community. For this reason, this social inclusion in communities, where you always have a friend or family member to turn to, is a positive advantage of being a part of any community.

The disadvantages of communities

The strong bonds created among people in communities can also pose different dangers. As a part of this, it can be very difficult to leave a community as it is usually provides a strong support system. In addition, some communities strictly separate themselves from other communities or individuals. This can have a negative effect on the community’s members and their general opinions as they will not be exposed to other thoughts, ideas etc.

Community: Joining a community is a great place to make friends! Join Smeet!Community: Joining a community is a great place to make friends! Join Smeet!