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3D Community

What is a 3D community?

A 3D community is basically an online virtual world where users can create an avatar and interact with one another. In a 3D virtual world, users have the opportunity to meet both old friends and make new ones. Usually, each online world has a specific theme. Therefore, users can meet and discuss their similar interests and hobbies.

How do you join a 3D community?

Joining a 3D community is relatively easy. When you have a specific interest, you can first join different forums to communicate and exchange ideas with others. The next step is registering for a 3D community, which is in essence a more interactive way of discussing your favorite hobbies or interests. Since you can create your own personal avatar in your favorite 3D community, you have the opportunity of interacting directly with other users’ avatars. With your own avatar, you can create your virtual self with different clothes and accessories. With this visual representation of each user, it becomes really easy to interact with new people.

The special features of a 3D community

In a 3D community, there are a variety of ways to interact and communicate with different users. When you send emails, you can only communicate via text. In a 3D virtual world, however, you have the opportunity to communicate instantly. In Smeet’s 3D virtual world, you can chat in 3D with your friends. But you can also do so much more. You can play interactive browser games, share your favorite YouTube videos, create your personal user room and much much more! When you use your avatar to explore Smeet, you will realize just how much fun it is to meet friends in your 3D community.

3D Community: Join Smeet's 3D community today and live in 3D!3D Community: Join Smeet's 3D community today and live in 3D!