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Non Verbal Communication

What is nonverbal communication?

Nonverbal communication includes all forms of communication that is not explicitly stated. Nonverbal communication can greatly affect the meaning of what is being said. For example, the term “I’m fine,” can be interpreted differently depending on an individual’s body language and intonation. Nonverbal communication is advantageous when trying to understand hidden messages or feelings.

How can I understand nonverbal communication?

As stated above, the phrase “I’m fine,”can mean many different things. To understand meaning, you should listen carefully to the speaker’s intonation. If certain parts of the phrase are emphasized, it can sound ironic, friendly neutral, hostile, etc. The second thing to be aware of is facial expression. Facial expressions can be an easy way to indicate the other person’s comfort level in addition to whether they are telling the truth. Lastly, to understand nonverbal communication, pay attention to body language. Gestures and posture can provide great insight to how a person is feeling. You can tell if someone is shy, happy or in a bad mood.

Nonverbal communication on the internet

Unless you’re using a webcam or internet telephone service, most forms of communication via internet are classified as nonverbal. It can be hard to understand what is really meant as in chat conversations and emails. While someone may write something with a certain tone and meaning in mind, the reader can interpret it as something completely different, leading to misunderstandings which would not have happened otherwise.

Non Verbal Communication: Start chatting and meeting friends in Smeet!Non Verbal Communication: Start chatting and meeting friends in Smeet!