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What are emoticons?

Emoticons are facial expressions created graphically in text by using punctuation marks and letters. They are a popular and integral part of modern chat communities and virtual worlds. With the help of the emoticons, people are able to add emotion to their texts. Today there are a wide range of emoticons available that allow individuals to better display their feelings. This can be especially fun in 3D chat!

Various forms of emoticons

Emoticons originally started as something simple that people could easily type on a keyboard, such as a wink [;)]. Emoticons not only use punctuation marks but letters. One of the most popular emoticons is the “cheeky” emoticon [:-P]. Today, emoticons are often accompanied by short animations and small images that are linked to correct key combinations. It’s easy to express yourself using emoticons!

Emoticons: Smeet is a great place to share your favorite emoticons!Emoticons: Smeet is a great place to share your favorite emoticons!