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What is a chatter?

The term chatter is easy to understand! Anyone who has entered a chat room or participated in some sort of online Internet chat can be called a “chatter.” In many of these online chat rooms, users pick a personal nickname and can then exchange messages with other users.  

Chatters online!

In many different forums or chat rooms, chatters get together to talk, discuss or exchange ideas, hobbies or stories. However, one major distinction is that users on forums or blogs are not considered “chatters” as they have their own personal profiles and can post messages to the blog or forum page. “Chatters,” however, usually participate in direct conversations and can see the responses easily and quickly. Blog or forum posts are usually not immediate chats. In the virtual 3D world Smeet, users can have both! Users can create their own private profile even with pictures. However, Smeet users have the opportunity to explore their virtual world as a “chatter” as they can meet new friends and chat in either private or public chats instantaneously.  

Chatter: Be a Smeet chatter today!Chatter: Be a Smeet chatter today!