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Chat Window

What is a chat window?

Every Internet user knows what a chat box or chat window is. If you use Facebook, MSN, Skype or other instant messenger programs or communities, you know how to use a chat window. Unlike email, chats are messages that are sent instantaneously, where people can answer one another immediately. Because of this, there are many users for chats. Chats can be used to discuss personal matters with friends or communicate with work colleagues on the job as well.  

The chat window in the 3D world Smeet

Smeet’s virtual world has many different types of chat windows. The large chat window located in each room in the Smeet’s 3D world can be used to share information with all the users. In addition, each user can open a private chat window with another user and thus chat undisturbed. In Smeet, the possibilities for chatting are unlimited, so if you want to have multiple chat windows open at the same time you can!

Chat Window: Come see Smeet's special chat window!Chat Window: Come see Smeet's special chat window!