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Interaction Between Avatars

Are interactions between avatars replacing interpersonal communications?  

In virtual worlds, avatars represent real people and people naturally have a desire to communicate. Therefore, many 3D worlds are focusing on making interactions between avatars as similar to personal interaction in the real world. In many online worlds, it is already possible for avatars to chat with each other and to participate together in special online events.

What kind of interactions will be available in the future?

The future of avatars in 3D worlds looks quite interesting. One such example is the current development of gift sharing. These types of interactions continue to promote social interaction among users as verbal interaction has already been further developed. Other developments, such as physical interaction (i.e. hand holding, while desirable are technically so difficult to develop that most virtual worlds will focus initially on improving the existing interaction between avatars. By now playing avatar games is already possible, but where will we be in the next 10 years?

Are verbal abilities declining?

Critics of modern means of communications, such as the Internet etc. often contend that verbal abilities are declining and that we are no longer capable of holding real conversations. However, the opposite perspective might have equal validity: Shy people, for instance, are able to communicate without being intimidated, resulting in many positive developments, such as higher self-confidence.

Interactions Between Avatars: Create your virtual avatar in Smeet!Interactions Between Avatars: Create your virtual avatar in Smeet!