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Avatar Shop

Avatar Shop

In the Smeet avatar shop, you can buy many different items for your avatar. The selection is great – from new clothes and shoes to accessories such as hats, watches and rings – you can buy everything for your personal 3D avatar. In Smeet, you can also choose up to seven different styles for your avatar (after you win a small game, of course). Your style will never be boring. The avatar shop also has much more! You can do more than just style your avatar; you can decorate your virtual room with new furniture and other objects. The avatar shop is clearly organized into different categories so that you can easily find just the perfect outfit! Each day new outfits, styles and virtual objects are added to the shop so go check it out!

Smeet Coins  

If your 3D room is too small or you just want that special VIP outfit for your avatar, you can easily upgrade your Smeet account. You can even become a VIP right away! You can upgrade your current room or buy a new room and add other special virtual objects. With the Smeet coins, you even have the opportunity to give all kinds of gifts to your Smeet friends! Smeet lets you create your virtual world in any way you want. The possibilities are endless. Top up your Smeet coins today to experience everything Smeet has to offer. And start playing avatar games today!

Avatar Shop: Come check out the Smeet Avatar Shop today!Avatar Shop: Come check out the Smeet Avatar Shop today!