Roles and Icons

In Smeet, the roles are clearly defined!

Because there‘s always so much going on, some Smeeters take on certain roles in the Smeet Community according to their talents and interests. You can see what roles individual Smeeters have by the different icons that appear above the heads of their Avatars.





 Smeet Team

 Official employees of Smeet Community Management



 Helps new Smeeters and can mute other Smeeters for a certain period of time if they commit offenses against the Smeet community



 Writes blog articles about current events



 This icon is only given to true stars



 Hosts regular events and shows in Smeet



 These Smeeters help dream couples tie the knot


 Date Doctor

 Helps with relationship questions and brings Smeeters together


 Sport Reporter

 Regularly broadcasts a Sportshow


 Gossip Queen

 Regularly broadcasts the latest gossip and scandals



 Regularly reads aloud stories


 Radio Moderator

 Regularly broadcasts a music program



 Regularly broadcasts an astrology program


Other icons indicate the status a Smeeter has in the community:




New Smeeter

This Smeeter is new and has logged in and out fewer than three times.


This Smeeter is a VIP and saves 20% on all shop items!!!

Gold VIP

This Smeeter is a Gold VIP and receives an exclusive gift each month as well as serious pocket money!

Most Valuable 3D Home

The Smeeter who carries this icon above his head has the most valuable 3D Home in the room!

Highest Level

This star always belongs to the Smeeter with the highest Level in the room.


In addition, there are icons that only appear when a Smeeter completes a certain activity:




Streaming with a webcam

This Smeeter is streaming his or her webcam image onto the screen.

On the phone

This Smeeter is connected to skpye.

Streaming with a webcam and on the phone

This Smeeter is connected to Skype and is streaming a webcam image.

Playing a game with another Smeeter

This Smeeter is playing an interactive game with another Smeeter.


Would you also like to play a special role in Smeet? Simply apply to support [at] smeet [dot] com or ask a member of the Smeet Team!