Edit Your Profile

Make a statement in Smeet about who you are: update your Smeet profile!

Your profile is visible to everyone who clicks on your Avatar and allows other Smeeters to get to know a little about who you are. So if there's anything you really want other Smeeters to know about you, be sure to include it in your profile!

You can accesss your profile by clicking on your Avatar or on your nickname on the upper menu bar.


Profile Info

This section of your profile contains basic information such as the number of Fame Points you have and the value of your 3D Home. You also have the ability to individualize your profile so that it contains the information that is important to you. Sexist, racist or otherwise offensive material is, of course, prohibited.

Please Note: In the interest of privacy protection, do not include your email address, telephone number, home address, or any other confidential information in your profile as it may be abused by a third party.

Your Fame

This section lays it all out on the table: Which badges have you achieved? How many gifts have you received, and how many games have you won? All of these vital questions and more are answered here!

Your Friends

This is a list of all of your Smeet friends. You can even see who is online at the moment.

Your Photos

This section allows you to upload photos and even create entire albums!

Your Styles

Become a style icon! In this section, you can list your various styles. You also have the possibility to unlock new styles or participate in the Style Contest!

Your Settings

In this category, you can find all of your personal data. In addition, you can determine when you would like to receive email notifications from Smeet.

Tip: As a VIP you can add a picture to your profile background.