At Smeet, effort is rewarded!

Especially active Smeeters get badges from us in recognition for their exceptional dedication and hard work!

Here’s how:

•     Play a game in Smeet from time to time!
•     Style your Avatar – even shopping is rewarded!
•     Solve a Smeet quest (such as those found in the Bakery and the Bank Vault).
•     Complete your tasks (you will find them on the lower menu bar under “Leaderboard, Badges, and Tasks”).
•     Post some interesting information in another Smeeter's Stream!

•     Participate in the Style Contest and rake in the awards!

For many of the badges, it’s possible to improve your standing from bronze to gold! Ambition and a competitive spirit are all that are required!

The current status of the badges you have already earned, as well as those that you can still acquire, can be found on the bottom menu bar under “Leaderboard, Badges and Tasks.”

So that everyone can keep up with the latest developments, newly achieved badges automatically appear for all to see in your Stream and will be saved in your profile.

The quest for badges has begun!