Style Your Avatar

Dress to impress!

Put your best foot forward in Smeet with a great look. This not only increases your flirt potential, it also earns you Fame Points that can launch you into the next Level!

Here’s how:
1. Click on the T-Shirt symbol on the bottom menu bar. This will take you directly to the Fashion Shop.
2. In the shop, you can browse to your heart’s content or perform a targeted search in the various categories for a new outfit.
3. Once you’ve found something you like, click on the item and your Avatar can immediately try it on.
4. If you would like to try on something else, click on the coat hanger symbol to the left of your Avatar and remove the item again.
5. If you like your new look, click on the “change now” button on the lower right and your Avatar will appear in his or her new look!

Please Note: Once you have acquired something from the shop, it stays in your inventory forever. This mean your Avatar can change into it again at any time.

Tip: As a VIP, you get a 20% discount on all items in the shop!!!

Admire another Smeeter’s style? No problem! Click on the Avatar with the look of your dreams and select the T-Shirt symbol in his or her profile. If you like the outfit, you simply need to go over it with your mouse and you can try it on and even purchase it!

Happy shopping!!

Style Your Avatar in 3D !Style Your Avatar in 3D !