The Value of Your 3D Home

If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Are you a major property owner or are you just keeping up with the Joneses? The value of your 3D Home leaves no room for doubt!

The value of your 3D Home is determined by how much HomeValue you’ve collected. You get these when you:

• buy furniture, Smeekiez or rooms (the amount of HomeValue an item will bring is indicated in the upper right corner of the preview mode in the shop).
• receive furniture or Smeekiez as gifts.
• win an item after a game of Spin and Win.
• activate certain Boosters that offer HomeValue as a reward.

The value can therefore constantly increase – it’s up to you!

As soon as a few Smeeters gather in a room, the one with the most valuable 3D Home will be visible for all thanks to a golden house icon above his or her head.

Visit the 3D Homes of your friends and find out who has the hippest home in Smeet.