About Your 3D Home

My 3D Home is my castle!

Move in, feel at home, host a party! In your 3D Home everything is possible!

Click on the house symbol located on the lower menu bar for an overview of your impressive 3D villa and individual rooms. This overview allows you to shape your 3D Home: you can add, rearrange or delete rooms.

Add Rooms

Would you like to add an additional cool room to your 3D Home? No Problem! Simply click on the “Add Room” button and you will find yourself immediately transported to the Room Store. Here you will be spoiled for choice. After you have made your selection, you only need to place your room where you want it and the party can begin!

Rearrange Rooms
There’s nothing easier! Click on one of the rooms and hold your left mous button pressed. Then move it to the place you want the room to be. In this way, you can shape your 3D Home according to your own wishes and imagination.

Delete Room
Is your 3D Home bursting at the seams? No problem! You may move any room in your 3D home into the inventory. For doing so, you only need to draw it to the closet in the bottom right of the screen. You do not want to see this room ever again? You can delete them from your inventory by clicking on the small cross. But firstly make sure you are absolutely positive on that decision!

Tip: In order to give your 3D Home a more personal feel, give it a creative name! Ponderosa, Vampire Castle or Playboy Villa – what will you call your place?