Your Stream

Stay clued-in!

A glance at your Stream is all you need to stay informed! It tells you what you did last, who fed your Smeekie or Pet recently or who just threw a pillow at you!

The Stream in your profile tells you which activities you recently completed. Depending on your settings, everyone who visits your profile, only you, or you and your friends have a good overview of who you recently befriended, which of your Smeekiez and Pets were fed or cuddled, who you last threw a pillow at and much more!

At the same time, your Stream allows you to inform everyone exactly what’s going through your mind at the moment or what you would like other Smeeters to know. Would you like to hear your friends’ opinions? No problem! Other Smeeters can immediately comment on your posts and activities!

Send a nice text message with a cool Smeet Greet! Everyone appreciates a friendly greeting and it’s an easy way to break the ice!

Tip: You can, of course, determine who can read the comments and activities in your Stream.