Social Stream

You can’t have too many friends!

With the help of the Social Stream you can always keep track of everything and everyone! You will find it on the right side of the screen and only need to touch it with your mouse for it to open. Give it a try!

Here’s how:

Here you’ll find nice Smeeters that you’re sure to have a lot in common with. Challenge them to a game or ask them to be friends with you. Click on “More” for additional suggestions.

The Social Stream allows you to see all of your Smeet friends at a glance and allows you to access their profiles with just one click. This makes it quick and easy to contact them!! In addition, your Facebook friends that are also Smeeters, but not yet friends with you in Smeet, appear! Send them a friendship request! Click on “More” in order to have all of your Smeet friends displayed.

Inviting friends pays off many times over! Not only do your surround yourself with friends, but Coins and Fame Points await you as well!!!

A glance at your Activities is all you need to stay informed! It tells who fed your Smeekie or Pet recently or who just threw a pillow at you!

Social Network with FriendsSocial Network with Friends