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Share Smeet on Facebook!Share Smeet on Facebook!In this way, you can keep your friends up-to-date with what you’ve been up to and will yourself be able to keep up with the latest news! Join the Smeet Community!

Here’s how:

Connect your Facebook profile to your Smeet account: Click on the "Login Facebook" button on our homepage and enter your account information to connect the two accounts to each other.

Please Note: If you have not registered with Facebook, or if your Smeet profile is not yet linked to your Facebook profile, you must first log in to Facebook.

Please Note: If your Smeet profile is linked to the wrong Facebook profile, delete your cache and cookies.
If the problem persists, log in first to and then via Facebook. Please note the user ID of the user in whose profile you find yourself at this moment and send it along with a detailed description of the problem to